The 7 Qualities of A Champion

The following 7 qualities we can improve to become Martial Arts champions. These same qualities can be related to our everyday pursuits. We all should keep this concept in mind when we are going about our everyday lives. Once we develop these 7 physical/human qualities we can improve the overall quality of our lives.

1. Quickness

As martial Artists we must be quick in kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing, and in all of our defensive counters; this is essential for effective self-defense. In our lives we must be quick in thinking and making decisions, which means being alert so nothing passes you by. More over, in action, we need to get things done as soon as possible. It is important that we do not procrastinate by putting off til later what you should do today!
…be quick in thinking and
making decisions…being
alert…get things done…

2. Endurance

We must all be physically patient to continue our practice in the Martial Arts. The more we train the more our endurance and overall conditioning will climb. In life we, must be just as patient in pursuing our goals. We must develop a sense of perseverance and consistency in our pursuit of our martial art excellence and in every aspect of our lives. It is only with such discipline that we will succeed.

3. Timing

Good timing is crucial in executing our techniques and tools; it is necessary for all sports. In life, this translates into being punctual. Consistently being late is a bad habit that gets in the way of our true potential.

4. Power

Physical power and strength is a necessity in excelling as a Martial Artist. Understanding of power and how to apply it is the backbone of good self defense. In life, true power is found in knowledge and information. We have all heard that “Knowledge is power,” and this is for the most part true. However, just like power, understanding is not enough, you must be able to apply what you know. Without knowledge we are lost, with knowledge but no means to apply it we are still in a weak position. Only when we find out how to apply our knowledge do we have real power.

5. Balance

When we perform any movement we must be in good balance. This allows us to properly distribute our weight to ensure proper form and execution. In our everyday lives we must balance the wisdom and knowledge in our minds with the honesty in our hearts and the strength in our bodies. We must also balance our families, work, training, school,and personal lives. Power is found in knowledge and information.

6. Flexibility

We need to be flexible in order to perform more efficiently. We must also have flexibility of character. This means having tolerance for other’s opinions, being compassionate and humble.

7. Form

A technique with good form is a thing of beauty. In life, this is equal to having a good attitude and an upright and good heart. Strong in every area of life.

“A good man who is in the right and a keeps on a coming is a hard man to bring down”
-Unknown Texas Ranger